OJV Offshore Energy Scandinavia AB

Culture, Purpose & Core Value


OJV Offshore aims to be an attractive employer and working to achieve mutual respect, both for the individual employee and for our company through all phases of the employment. We want to ensure equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnic background, age, religion or sexual orientation. We aim to provide a comfortable and adequate work environment to all employees. Ojv Offshore treats every employee with respect and dignity and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.


– Be the number one offshore builder and operator.
– Invest in, develop and operate offshore assets by applying competitive Experienced Personel and extensive operating experience.
– Create value by understanding and managing the risks and rewards of our business as well as focus and ideas of each employee for better working enviorement.
– Maximize return whilst understanding the long term nature of our business

Core values

Learning is continuously
Focus on each Project
Loyalty means equal respect and understanding
Openness means Open door policy for all employees
Ambition to be an attractive employer
Teamwork  at all levels within OJV Offshore

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