Policy for Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality Working Environment (HSSEQWE)

OJV Offshore & Energy Scandinavia AB is committed to a proactive management in order to continuously improve the Health, Safety, Security Environment, Quality and Working Environment for all personnel

We are committed to minimising risk and harm to the personnel, the environment and assets through training and information.

We ensure compliance with applicable legislation or higher voluntary standards to which OJV Offshore / Energy Scandinavia AB may subscribe to, and acquire all relevant permits and certificates as required.

We will provide a safe and healthy working environment and ensure equal rights for all employees, sub-contractors and other personnel.

OJV Offshore & Energy Scandinavia AB shall;

  • implement a systematic approach to Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality and Working Environment through an integrated management system that systematically approaches risk management throughout all of OJV-OES’ activities
  • aim for a reputation as a responsible and competent company within the industry
  • ensure that regular inspections and reviews are carried out as required by rules and regulations as well as company procedures
  • ensure that sufficient resources are available to achieve and maintain the company objectives and policies, and to continuously improve our safety and working environment
  • set goals and objectives for continuous improvement of OJV-OES AB management systems, it’s assets and the services the company provides to its clients
  • require all employees and sub contracted personnel to contribute to help identify all operational hazards, so that all risks are managed to an acceptable level in line with OJV-OES AB Policies and Procedures
  • allow the transfer of information using best practices across all levels of the company
  • ensure that a Safety Management System, that allows the organisation to respond quickly, efficiently and correctly to any emergency situations, is established and maintained
  • ensure that all personnel are well trained and have thorough knowledge of OJV-OES AB Company Policies, Procedures and Objectives

February 20, 2015


Oliver Bengtsson